You can have nix-ci automatically produce PRs with updated flake inputs.

Step 1: Configuration

To activate the auto-update mechanism, add auto-update = true; to the nix-ci output of your flake: = true;

Step 2: Secret

You will also need to create a GitHub access token and configure it as a secret on nix-ci with name: GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN

Now Nix-ci will schedule regular update runs.

In these update runs, it will try to run nix flake update on a repository, commit the result, and make a PR.

Reference schema

# SuiteConfiguration
auto-update: # optional
  # Auto-update configuration
  # any of
  [ <boolean>
  , # AutoUpdateConfiguration
    enable: # required
      # Enable auto-update jobs
      # or null
    base: # optional
      # Base branch to base PRs off
    user: # optional
      # Github user who's the owner of the access token